The Pulse-things to Know About The Flu

words for video below for the hearing impaired.

show me how you do that aha to tissue and probably into your elbow or what else yeah not your hand cuz then you got a touch of people okay you could go into your elbow where you use a tissue to cover your nose and your mouth yeah that would be ideal okay I have learned to do this elbow hits if I are are usually sneeze into my elbow okay kind of the Dracula show me how you sneeze into your elbow into your elbow you know what we call that dad how far can things fly out of our news any idea it’s too far it is far 50 feet sounds outrageous but I’m gonna go with that 15 be back three or four foot I don’t know 10 feet how far about 26 feet you get your flu shots yes I did not didn’t want to know I did not which is bad can the flu shot cause the flu sometimes some people depends on your moon system I think it can’t perhaps well I’m sorry to say I’m probably not no I don’t think so no I think it’s you should present supposed to at least professor good question I don’t know how they told me no that’s right it does not cause me thank you no absolutely not now hand-washing is key to avoid cold and flu how long should we wash our hands work you wanna sing the ABCs backwards how do you do that sing that Argus any direction the ABCs two minutes you should wash it for my seconds singing the ABC’s twice or something happy birthday twice 30 seconds thirty Seconds right 2013 20 and seconds you sing the Happy Birthday song happy birthday thank you very much great thank you okay have a good wine I can ask you a couple more

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